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A PASSION FOR SEX One Woman’s Search for  Erotic Fulfilment  OR The True Story of Sex & Me The frank and revealing true life story of a woman with a genuine passion for sex, covering her... ..  enthusiasm for men ..  love of threesomes ..  enjoyment of group sex ..  participation in swinging parties ..  experience of sex contacts ..  involvement with 'dogging' ..  interest in sadomasochism ..  exploration of the fetish scene  
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ALSO MORE SEX The Passion Remains More genuine sex adventures, bringing the autobiography up to  date.
                          A Sexual Autobiography
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A PASSION FOR SEX Somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum - between, on the one hand, being in love and having sex within a ‘meaningful one-to-one relationship’, and on the other, completely casual, harsh, impersonal gropings - it’s possible to experience sexual situations that thrill you and excite you, that you can feel passionate about and moved by.  That make you feel life is worth living, and sex is worth having, and people are worth knowing - even if it’s not all about love, or not just about orgasm. Fun, friendly, erotic, intimate moments with people whose company you enjoy, and with whom you share a mutual interest and sexual understanding.
      INTRODUCING A PASSION FOR SEX The True Story of Sex & Me A sexual autobiography by Suzie Mann
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